This Legacy Is On Fire!

Last time, Helium became an adult and Mulan tried to steal Lithium’s future husband.


Uh, how does this make the stove self-cleaning?

Ellie: I beat the dirt into submission, and it warns other dirt to stay away.


Mulan is still kind of mad that Theo likes Lithium and not her, so she wants to rig the shower with dye. It didn’t work right when Lithium tried it, so I let her.


Lithium: I look like a Barbie doll!

Lithium’s hair conveniently hides things.


I hate it when sims don’t see that someone else is cooking, and start cooking their own meals.


Zhan: Honey, I already made Goopy Carbonara.

Ellie: Okay. *dumps spaghetti on ground*

She puts it on the stove before I can take the cooking out of her queue, and there’s no ‘take off of stove’ interaction so I have to let her finish.


Ellie: Yum, this is delicious!

Um… Ellie?


Genius trait? Where?

Zhan: I’m going to bed, honey. See you in the morning.


Mulan and Lithium make a small attempt to patch up their relationship.

Lithium: This is so awkward. Can we go back to avoiding each other?


Mulan: You start fire last night? I know you doll tell you to do things like that.

Lithium:Nah. Jamar mostly tells me to kill people.


Lithium: Hey, I’m getting married to Theo soon!

Mulan: No tell me that!


This is a painting that I really like, which I call ‘Bathroom Bunny’.

Sadly, Bathroom Bunny disappears later on, so I have to try and get another one painted.


Ellie: This time I’m beating the fire out of the stove!


Zhan goes to the beach to talk with Blair, who is his partner at work. He needs a good relationship with her to get promoted.

Blair: But how can you see me? I’m a ninja.


Blair: Hey, do you know where my handcuffs are? I ‘ve looked all over our office but I can’t seem to find them.

Zhan: *cough* Yeah, no idea where they could be, because I haven’t seen them. You should definitely not ask my wife, because she hasn’t seen them either. Honest.


Zhan: But I’m sure you’ll find them soon. You’re a genius.

Blair: I’m a Libra!


Then he questions her, which is what Zhan does to everyone that he’s friends with.


Since Zhan is out, Ellie amuses herself by playing in the sprinkler.

Ellie: Oh my! I’m all wet! Maybe Zhan will play in the sprinkler with me when he gets home!


Ellie is trying to ruin everything garden-related for me. I swear.


I send her to change the doorbell instead.


Lithium, are you ready for your birthday.

Lithium: I am so over birthdays. I have a better idea.

This is when I learned that teens can autonomously pull pranks.


And Lithium learned not to booby-trap a sink while her mother is in the room watching her.

Lithium: H-hello there, mom.

Bathroom Bunny disapproves.


Seriously, Lithium? You had, like, five minutes left as a teen and you manage to screw things up.


And a second time. Lithium and Mulan start putting the fire out while I try to get the adults to go to work. Every second counts towards LTW!


Gah! Lithium! Please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die…


She manages to get to the shower in time!

Bathroom Bunny: Aw. I like death.


Ellie: How DARE you, young lady?

Mulan: But I stop fire…

It took me a while to realize that she was yelling at them for missing school. WTF ELLIE GO TO WORK.


Oh, and the sink broke too. I was considering fixing it and then doing the cake, but I figured the puddle might help stop the fire if Lithium screws up again.


I think the hippie school really did affect Lithium, because she now loves the outdoors.

Lithium: Nature is almost as beautiful as me. Almost.

Next time, Lithium takes over as heiress and there are parties and stuff.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to keep points or whatever, so I guess I’ll just put them up at the end of the generation:

Generations born: 1
Portraits: 3
LTWs: 0
Family Members Over 100,000 LTH: 0
House Worth Points: (Count at End)
Total: 4 Open-mouthed smile (That score fails so hard.)


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