Sleeping on the Couch

Having easy classes to take finals in is great. It means I can spend my days doing things like this rather than studying.


If you read last chapter, which you probably did, you’ll remember that Zhan had an illegitimate child with his ex-girlfriend while married to his wife, and turned the legacy into a soap opera. We just need an evil twin or two to complete the transformation.


There are a few hours left before the vacation ends, so Lithium is running all over China trying to earn more money before she goes home.


Dig, Lithium, di–

And home again.


Zhan gets in the car as soon as they arrive home and leaves without the girls, obviously wanting to get to Ellie before Mulan or Lithium can. His driving is a little off.


Zhan: Ellie… wonderful, sweet, forgiving Ellie, love of my life. I have a present for you.

Ellie: That’s so sweet!

She’s thinking about how she’s going to thank him. Gardening.


You can give gifts that are in either the personal inventory or family inventory, so Zhan gave Ellie the hover bed reward he got. How that fit in the little box, I’ll never know.


Ellie: You’re the sweetest, best husband ever. That’s why I know I can trust you to go off to China without me.


Ellie: It looks like one of Lithium’s little friends came over.

Zhan: Y… yeah…


Lithium: Mom’s probably going to make Dad sleep on a bench in the park tonight.

Helium: Why?

Lithium: Because that girl he brought home is is daughter.


Lithium: I guess you’re not going to have a chance to try out that new bed with Mom tonight.

This is when Lithium got the LTW of reaching 50,000 simoleons. Even though it’s the second generation and the Mendeleevs are sort of poor, I accept the challenge. Then build onto the house with the money we do have because the Mendeleevs need more space with Mulan in the house.


Mulan: Mrs. Mendeleev? I see now why you husband cheat on you. You are geeky scientist and my mom is very prettier than you. I am Mulan and you husband is my father.

Ellie: I’m going to kill him.

Mulan: I love to ruin marriages. Smile


Ellie: So what is this I hear, Zhan?

Zhan: I can explain.

Ellie: You don’t need to explain, Zhan. You were just gardening with me so much because you felt guilty about planting seeds in greener pastures. Well, you can sleep on the couch, mister, until I figure out just what I am going to do with you!


To make matters worse, Zhan finds a whoopie cushion on the couch, which Helium planted long ago.

Zhan: *sob* Planted!

Sorry. I’ll try to keep away from gardening terms.


After he gets over the whoopie cushion, Zhan settles down to sleep on the couch.


I learned how to use the ‘Dream About’ interaction for teens by clicking on the beds. Mulan is dreaming about a date while Lithium dreams about being prom queen.

And yes, I have them sleeping in the same room. Teenaged girls who hate each other in the same room. I’m sure nothing bad will come of that.


Zhan snuck into bed with Ellie and is dreaming about making her favorite meal as an apology.

Ellie dreams about the women all over the world Zhan might be seeing.


But then she moves over to snuggle him. I know she’s asleep, but it’s still cute and a good sign for their relationship. I think. Ellie’s still asleep and unconscious so I don’t know if it counts or not.


For some reason, the school sends over two buses. Ellie and Zhan were already on the way to drive themselves to work, though.


And Mulan decides to skip school.

Mulan: Too cool for school, and I not know English good yet for school.

She’s lucky that Zhan is too busy pining for Ellie, or she’d be in big trouble.


Ellie forgives Zhan when she gets home from work because she has no self control and she’s rolling wants for woohoo.

She’s like an animal, I’m telling you.


Ellie: I want to stay angry with you, but if you’re on the couch by yourself it means there’s no one in bed with me.

They join the ‘meter high club’ on the hover bed, which made me smile.


Ellie had enough points to get the ‘inheritance’ award, which I wanted to try out. They now have about 40,000 simoleons, only 10,000 away from Lithium’s LTW.

Zhan: That rocks.

It does, but that means Lithium can almost taste her LTW within a day of wanting it, and you two are still floundering around in your careers. It also means that’s one LTR I’m not using very often, because that makes things very easy. I thought it was just going to give ten or fifteen thousand simoleons.


Lithium finally gets to see Theo after her time away in the School of Peace and Love and China, and she has a very important question to ask him.


Lithium: Theo, I know the adults will think we’re too young, but we know better than them anyway. Will you marry me? Especially since I’m now a rich heiress?

Theo: Yes!


Lithium: Yay! We’ll be so happy together, as long as you don’t come home with unexpected stepchildren. I love you Theo!

Next time, I’ll try to get graduation done right with Helium, and Mulan gets settled in to life with the Mendeleevs. And by ‘settled in’ I mean ‘attemts to steal Lithium’s boyfriend’.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping on the Couch

  1. Next time, I’ll try to get graduation done right with Helium, and Mulan gets settled in to life with the Mendeleevs. And by ‘settled in’ I mean ‘attemts to steal Lithium’s boyfriend’.


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