If The Crown Fits, Wear It

Last time, the Generations bugs all got fixed and it was time for an heir poll.


Lithium won.

Lithium: Wait, for reals?

Lithium got twelve votes, way ahead of her brothers. Hydrogen got two votes, and Helium got one vote.


Lithium: All hail princess Lithium! *waits for applause*


She immediately goes to rig the shower with dye.


Zhan somehow knows that she’s setting booby traps rather than actually using the toilet, so he comes in and scolds her.


Lithium: I’m… not your favorite anymore?


Since the adults are now at work and the kids are in school, I amuse myself by taking pictures of sims in the park. Enjoy this elderly burglar playing hopscotch.


And failing.


The park attracts elders like a light attracts moths.


Elders and Emma Hatch with her invisible toddler.

After school, the boys go to prom.


Helium is so stereotypically gay and awesome.


Hydrogen is voted prom king despite not actually hanging out with anyone else in the school.


His night ends badly when he gets picked up by the police for breaking curfew. Really, EA? School dances (mine, at least) don’t let you out before they’re over so kids don’t run around town drinking while their parents think they’re at school. It’s not Hydrogen’s fault that prom ends after curfew, so he shouldn’t get picked up by the police.


Ellie: What the hell were you thinking?

Hydrogen: I was at prom!

Ellie: Grounded.


Lithium is in the bathroom doing housework to get on her dad’s good side again.

Lithium: I don’t like this expansion anymore. Baring teeth smile


Hydrogen didn’t go to school because he came home at 2 in the morning and what kind of school has prom on a school night? After Zhan and Ellie leave for work, he sneaks out.


Ellie: You sneak out again?


Hydrogen: Come on! You grounded me because prom ended after curfew, which I couldn’t control, and you were PMS-ing.

Ellie: Double grounded.


Hydrogen: You won’t be so happy about winning the heir vote when you have to live with Momzilla in the house.


Lithium: Airplane, Hydrogen. Your argument is invalid.

Insane sims.


Hydrogen: I hope I don’t get grounded… again… because I left the house to take out the trash.

The boys got their prom pictures as soon as they went to bed.


They weren’t in the pjs at prom, but they were asleep when they got their prom pictures in their inventories. I guess I’ll just have teenagers wear formalwear in the middle of the night from now on.


Learning to drive in a cop car. Awesomeness.


Lithium: Taking a bath for Hydrogen’s birthday party? Gag me.


Hydrogen: Why are you wearing your wedding dress to my birthday, mom?

Ellie: I was tired at it was the first dress I found in the closet!


Zhan: Yeah, Hydrogen! Maybe if I cheer hard enough people won’t notice the puddle of pee I’m standing in.

Lithium: I… I don’t even know what to think.


Hydrogen’s birthday shot is ruined by a stove that didn’t render and two angry women.

Traci: Boo!

Lady: I missed work for this?


Lithium ruins his birthday even more by stealing the show and autonomously using a new Generations interaction ‘preside over royal court’. I wouldn’t have known about this if she didn’t do it on her own.

Lithium: I know most heirs take over when they’re grown-ups, but I’m so awesome that I’m taking over now.


Hydrogen: …and I peed myself.

Lithium: Yes! Piddle in submission, peon!


Zhan also has a birthday, but he’s going to look exactly the same afterwards. If he wanted an ‘after’ picture, he should have aged up somewhere other than the bathroom.


Hydrogen: Hello, Plumbob Real Estate? My mom is PMS-ing and my dad just started his midlife crisis. Get me a house as far away from here as possible.

But you have to paint Helium and Lithium when they grow up!

Hydrogen: Later!


Here’s the first exhibit of the family museum beneath the house. Stuff will be added whenever the sim in question moves out/dies.

I only realized after Hydrogen moved out that the graduation happens a couple days after the young adult birthday, rather than on the transition into adulthood, so there’s not diploma.

Next time, Lithium becomes a teen and the parents go on their date.


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