Little Suck-Ups

Last time, the world almost ended because sims couldn’t communicate to each other! Big thanks to beanierawr on Boolprop for reminding me to check my mods folder again. It’s full of CC stuff so it’s hard to find all of the actual mods hiding in there sometimes. Also big thanks to puddinroy, also on Boolprop, for suggesting to reinstall the game, even if that wasn’t the problem in this case.


Helium: So ends the tale of the Silent Sims! *dramatic music*

As you can see, my sims are able to interact with one another again, and Helium’s busy telling a ghost story because I had to try out a bunch of new interactions.


Pillow fight!

Lithium: You knocked the stuffing out of me!


Zhan: All of these new things are great, but now we don’t have enough money to send the kids to private school, or even military school if their grades drop.


Then he glares at the kids, who are doing homework on the floor.

Zhan: I suppose we’ll have to make kids without straight A’s sleep outside.


Lithium uses the ‘tell secret’ interaction with her dad, which has the same animation as gossiping, but without the awkwardness of saying things about people you’ve never met or informing someone that their neighbors who live in a giant-ass mansion are rich, who would have guessed?

So what sorts of secrets can sims tell each other?




After that, they all stand around for a bit while various carpools continuously honk outside. At first I thought it was a glitch, but Zhan and Ellie went to work at about the same time, if a little late. I think the new expansion reset their outfits, and it takes sims forever to get changed into new outfits in my game.


Lithium is the first kid to figure out how to get to school, because she’s sucking up to her dad.

Lithium: Time to make daddy love me!

Helium goes to school later, but Hydrogen doesn’t figure it out until school is over. Genius trait? Where?


Helium met this kid, Theodore Wainwright, in school. Apparently, he’s rich, so Lithium needs to make a good impression on him…


Or a deranged impression.


Lithium: *stares*

Theodore: I feel unsafe right now.


Lithium: School school school must be heiress school school.

You do know your parents don’t decide who the heir(ess) is, right?


Lithium: Do you live around here? We should sit next to each other on the bus and become best friends. I’m the only person worth being friends with around here anyway. I’m going to be my daddy’s favorite and inherit a legacy house.


Helium: But while she plays with her little friend, I’ll be working on my homework. Then I’ll be Dad’s favorite child, because Hydrogen is out of the running after missing school.

You and Hydrogen both missed school for like a week.

Helium: The door was blocked. That was out of my control.


Theodore: Get this freak away from me!

Lithium:Note Let’s play tag, Theo! Note


Lithium gives Theodore a break so she can check out her brand new costume chest. She’s not getting a new bed because her sleeping bag doesn’t seem to have negative effects and actually gives her a positive ‘snug as a bug’ moodlet. Plus it looks cute.


Then she pulls a magic scepter out of nowhere.

Lithium: I’m a magic princess!


Back to tormenting ‘Theo’.

Theodore: Ow! You’re hurting me!

Lithium: You have to let me because I’m a princess!

They got to best friends though. Awesome.


The bedtime story interaction is adorable. Zhan is reading a skill book to Helium, of course.


It’s very short though.

Helium: You only read, like, five seconds!


Hydrogen somehow has new homework even though he never went to school.

Hydrogen: I finally get face time and I have to spend it doing homework.


Lithium: We’re going on a fieldtrip today, Jamar! Maybe if I’m super good, I’ll be daddy’s favorite.


Jamar: Yes! And if that doesn’t work, murder!


Ellie and Zhan still hug and kiss before they go to work. It’s adorable. When the weekend comes they’re going to go on a date.


Lithium: Wait. How are we in the same class if I just started school and you’re about to go to high school?

Helium: I have no idea.


Then I start freaking out, because Helium and Lithium are the only ones on the bus besides the teacher, which seems a bit shady to me. Well, the bus driver is there too, but sim bus drivers are most likely robots.


Nevermind, there are three people in the class. Still a little weird though.


And I thought Lithium was the one we needed to look out for.

Lithium: Psh. I’m a princess. We don’t do things like that. We convince our older brothers to do it for us.


Helium gets a bento from his trip to the bistro.

Helium: Why does the bistro have bentos? Why is there a panda on it when pandas are Chinese and bentos are Japanese? Did they give me this because I’m Asian?


Lithium: They didn’t even give me a bento.

Jamar: Eat their hearts!


Helium tries to discover another potion.


Another explosion. I missed getting a picture of it by a second.


Hydrogen: Am I free to go now?

For now.


They’re not the best portraits, but I’m not being picky.


Helium: I felt the sudden urge to get out of the tub and put my clothes on…

Don’t you dare.


Helium: Happy birthday to me!

No! Now everyone’s going to crowd into the bathroom!

Helium: I don’t care! No more fairy outfit!


Helium: B-but… I thought no more fairy outfit.

Hold your horses.


Helium is now a savvy sculptor, and I do a little dance because he didn’t get the same exact trait as his brother again.

The game says that Hydrogen’s going to graduate soon, so that means heir vote!


Heir poll is here:


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