Silent Treatment

Last time, the family prepared for Generations. This time, the family wished they never heard of Generations.


I’m not going to just focus on all of the bad stuff, though. Here are the high school diplomas that poofed into Zhan and Ellie’s inventories. I’m assuming the ones from private schools look different than the normal ones in the way that skill certificates are different, which is cool.


The claw interaction is basically tickling, but one hundred times cuter. I just about died when I saw this.


The playground is updated with all of the new equipment from Generations. It changes in a bit, which I’ll explain later.


Helium is pretty excited about everything, too. Mostly because he now only has one more day of childhood after I tweaked the age lengths a bit. There aren’t any winged clothes for teenaged boys, which he is looking forward to.


Lithium: I don’t get an imaginary friend?
Jamar: You don’t need any more friends, just me. Kill them for lying to you.

Since they were described as ‘mail-order’ dolls, I assumed that Lithium would be able to order one when she became a child, but the option doesn’t show up for Helium anywhere.

Despite the imaginary friend disappointment, everything’s great, except for the fact that the mood bar is turning weird colors and the camera rotation is slow as a snail. Still, the game is playable. Of course, I have to delete some of my mods to see if that will fix my minor glitches. Note: no matter what EA says about deleting mods to fix the game, don’t do it. All of my sims froze after that, so I switched to the backup save.


It works, and Hydrogen starts a new painting of Ellie because something about expansions makes pre-expansion portraits unfinishable, I guess. Good news: I found an easy way to get portraits. The trick is getting the camera on the sim you want and pressing tab before the painter begins painting.


With Hydrogen chained to the easel, Helium goes to the playground to try out some of the neat stuff that got placed in the park… again. At the park we see Traci, the first person in town I’ve see that’s eligible to be a spouse for Generation Two.


Helium goes on the bouncy ride first, though. He’s got a wish to fulfill and there’s time to play around a bit before Traci finishes eating.


Woman: I see trouble in this town’s future! We’re all going to die!

I wish I listened to this woman. She was but the first of many warning signs.


The second is that the kids keep resetting every time they try to talk to each other.

Traci: Hee hee, you’re the funny fairy boy from school.
Helium: Logically, this shouldn’t be happening. A glitch?

I already heard of the glitch where they can’t socialize on a community lot, so I figured it was no big deal. The boys weren’t seriously hunting for spouses yet, and they could just invite potential spouses to their home until the glitch cleared up. Meanwhile, there were more toys to play with.


The costume chest! The family couldn’t afford one, so I put it in the park even though a playground wouldn’t actually have one. I just wanted to experiment.


While Helium takes forever to get changed (can someone fix the ‘takes-and-hour-to-put-on-new-clothes’ thing?) the Goths play on the slip-and-slide.

Gunther: My hip!


Boys can dress as princesses. Girls can dress as princes. This makes me a happy simmer.

Helium: This is so embarrassing.

Quiet, you are a warrior fighting the injustice of gender stereotypes.


He even does a little princess wave! Squee!

Let me have my happiness, because it doesn’t last long.


The costume can stay on even if you leave the lot, too.

Helium: I had to ride by the biggest bully in school’s house. Now I’m sure to be pummeled.


No one seems phased when Helium comes in wearing a princess dress. I think they all assumed he’d start wearing dresses sooner or later.


Lithium: If mommy and daddy won’t pay attention to a brother in a dress, how am I supposed to get any attention when I stop being a baby?
Jamar: Kill them! That’ll make them pay attention to you!


The new beds are awesome because they add so much space to a room. Now the two desks in the boys room take up no space at all.


Which means more room for the chemistry set! The Mendeleev family needs a chemistry set. That’s how it works. This legacy without a chemistry set would be like a bookworm sim without books: sad.


Helium is the first at the table because I owe him for sticking him in a dress. I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing.

Helium: Just pour stuff into other stuff until something explodes.


That went well.


Ellie’s portrait is finally done, which means Hydrogen only has to do Zhan’s portrait to earn his freedom.


Hydrogen’s pretty exhausted, after slaving away at the easel for so long. He doesn’t know how good he’s got it. His bunk bed has a safety rail and a ladder. When I slept in a bunk bed at camp, I had to pull myself up and hope I didn’t roll out at night.


Also, everyone in the house can now hear it when Lithium cries. Great. It’s a good thing she only has one more day as a toddler. I’ll figure out what to do with this development during the next generation.


Lithium: I’m so cute when I’m making your life hell.

She’s the only one in the family who is green. Everyone else is exhausted.


Another great thing about Generations: you get updates about what’s happening with your sim as it happens. It seems like it would be great for ISBI writers, because you’ll know where all of the sims you can’t control are and when they’re wetting themselves. Here, Zhan autonomously decided to sleep at the library.


Now everyone can take the baby to the cake!


Cross-eyed birthday time!

Jamar: Yes! Grow, minion! Grow in power!


Pre-makeover Lithium. Master Controller is out of the game so she has to get her makeover the old-fashioned way: mirror and dresser.


Post-makeover Lithium. There are so many new things to wear, all of them adorable, and it took me forever to choose her outfits.Lithium’s a snob, so she wears makeup, even though it detracts from the adorableness.

Helium has two days to turn into a teenager in this save, and I had plans to try out all of the new interactions…


Helium goes to ask Ellie for a bedtime story, and this happens instead: the same reset that happened at the park with Traci. So it’s not just the community lots. Sims can’t interact anywhere.

It’s sort of sad that it took me two sim days to realize my sims couldn’t talk to each other.


I guess that means no bedtime stories or being tucked in for now. Thumbs down

Helium: I’m okay. I never had bedtime stories before anyway.

How about never talking to anyone else ever again?

Helium: …

Of course the no-interacting glitch would appear in the expansion that is mostly about sims interacting in new ways.


I love insane sims. I was trying to figure out how to show off Lithium’s adorable formal dress as I made it, but then I realized she’d wear it on her own anyway. Her social bar is really low so I had to slide it up. It’s caused by a glitch, meaning I can fix it.


Lithium has to sleep in a sleeping bag because the family can’t afford anything else after they bought the dresser. Once all of the glitches are ironed out, Generations will make lawn living a whole lot easier. You only need to buy a sleeping bag, and you won’t need to buy a double bed because sims can woohoo in showers.

I’m trying to be positive because the idea of losing my lovely little simmies is sad.

Next time: Will there BE a next time? I’m going to have to wait for a patch or a mod to fix this, which might take a while. Might have to check if this still happens in new games and see if moving my legacy sims to new towns might fix the issue. Fingers crossed! Fingers crossed


One thought on “Silent Treatment

  1. -Aww sorry things went south with the introduction of Generations :/ That’s why I wait atleast a month or two before I buy them because there are ALWAYS stupid glitches when they are first released.
    -I love how open-minded you are. (Dressing Helium in the princess dress, addressing bullying, and things of that nature) ^^
    -Keep it up!

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