WordPress Is Evil (And So Is Jamar)

This chapter may be a bit/lot longer than other ones, since I’m trying to get everything done before Generations!

Don’t worry, Zhan isn’t cheating on Ellie. Having compatible signs is just a really easy way to get friendship scores up high enough for police questioning. Following someone into the bathroom and asking is also a really easy way to give him the wrong idea, but that’s another matter.

Also, why does Zhan have to get all buddy-buddy with this man to question him? I’ve never been questioned by the police… okay, once, but that was in sixth grade… and I don’t think the police officers have the time to get to know you when tracking down a murder suspect. Name, age, occupation, maybe. Whether you’re a Leo or a Capricorn? I don’t think so.

Zhan: Sir, I understand you work at the school. Could you tell me who’s been bullying my son?

Guy: The purple one?

Zhan: The pink one.

Guy: That’s a boy?

Zhan: Please answer the question.

Of course, Ellie goes into labor when Zhan is out questioning people.

Baby Lithium, last (planned) baby of Generation One, is born. She’s the first girl to be born into the legacy, and also the first non-genius born in. Her traits are excitable and insane, which I found funny because lithium is used in medicines that treat things like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

As my brother said, the game KNOWS.

Lithium is also looking to be one of my favorites this generation, because she’s starting out with two of the traits of one of my favorite sims, Clementine Charming.

Here’s Lithium’s wall. Lithium is sort of a silvery-white, but that’s boring by itself so it’s mixed with her favorite color, red.

And this is Lithium’s doll, Jamar. Jamar whispers things in the night.

Jamar: Must kill… must kill… must kill…

After Lithium’s birth, the Mendeleev’s got a call from school telling them that both Hydrogen and Helium were on the verge of failing class. This, of course, sent Zhan into a RAGE. Hydrogen was in the other room with the hospital on speed dial, figuring that his dad was either goint to beat the atoms out of Ellie or have a heart attack.

The next day, Hydrogen and Helium are sent to school extra early for study help, and I discover the real reason they’re almost failing.

After Hydrogen and Helium have gotten inside, a huge group of kids gather around and block the entrance to the school.

Mortimer: I haven’t seen the Mendeleevs, Snobby Alto Kid. I think they gave up coming to school.

Snobby Alto Kid: Good. We have to keep that gay fairy kid and his brother out of our school.

But I thought Sunset Valley was a happy place free of discrimination!While the boys successfully… sneaked? snuck?… past the wall of homophobic children, Ellie tries to fix the tub so it will never break again. I thought the lucky trait makes things break less, but I’m not seeing a difference with even two lucky sims in the house.

Afterwards, she might want to get her knee fixed. Ouch.

Hydrogen has to get started on his homework as soon as he gets home, because he’ll be turning into a teenager soon and has to get his grades up before high school.

And this is where WordPress decides to be stupid and murders half of my post. Gah. So if this seems rushed and angry, it’s because it is. Stupid WordPress.

The next day, Hydrogen gets hit by his dad’s carpool on the way to school.

And Lithium has her birthday.

 Here she is. She has the same nose as her brothers, I think, but her mom’s mouth. I’m upset that none of the babies have red hair, but maybe if Ellie is close enough to her LTW before she turns elder I’ll try for a ginger baby.

And this is where WordPress is stupid and deletes the remainder or my post. Again. WTF, WordPress?

Hydrogen grows up into this handsome young man and gains a good sense of humor.

Jamar: Kill him. He’ll steal the heirship that is rightfully yours.

Lithium: You’re funny, Jamar.

I love Lithium’s ‘bitch please’ face when they’re trying to teach her to talk. Ellie’s getting frustrated, because Zhan won’t be too happy if Lithium is not as amazing in school as her brothers.

Zhan: I need to use the bathroom but it smells really bad in here.

Zhan shouldn’t be able to complain about Lithi not being a genius if he can’t even find the toilet, though.

Ellie gives Lithium to Hydrogen so she can spend some alone time with Zhan.

Hydrogen: Can you say ‘Mom and Dad need to focus on their careers so they can feed us rather than making new mouths to feed?’

Lithium: No.

Lithium: I’m a rocket! Vroom vroom!

They’re still using gardening as flirts. I don’t even know how to caption this. I used to have one, but then I realized the shovel in the picture wasn’t a hoe.

Hydrogen: I hope Mom’s not getting pregnant.

During all of this, Helium’s been playing chess by himself. Forever alone.

More Lithium cuteness.

Lithium: This legacy chapter was brought to you by the shape ‘square’ and the color ‘blue’.

Zhan wants to give Hydrogen a treadmill for his birthday so he can work out, join sports teams (all of them), become captain (for all of them), and win at everything forever.

And Ellie chooses the perfect place to have her birthday, right next to the filthy toilet.

Helium: I’m trying to work here, Mom.

Of course, everyone comes running into the smallest room in the house.

Zhan: Happy birthday, honey!

Helium: This is unhygenic and I’m going to get some horrible bacteris from this.

Hydrogen: I have the most embarrassing family ever.

Ellie: I’m a full-grown adult! Now get out; I still have to pee.

After the party, the Mendeleevs get ready for Generations.

Hydrogen: Good night, Lithi. When you wake up, we’ll have a bunch of fun things to do.

Hydrogen gets started on Ellie’s portrait so he’ll be allowed to do more teenager-y things when Generations comes.

But Lithium is too excited and can’t sleep. She wants an imaginary friend.

So Zhan takes her out of the crib and teaches her about the wonders of private school.


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