Gardening Is Hot

Last time, there was much liquid and an age up.

Ellie and Zhan have been doing their best to patch up their relationship, which has been a little bumpy. Although Ellie loves it when Zhan talks dirty to her (with literal dirt, because gardening is a turn on) they have extremely different ideas about how to raise their children.

Zhan: Hydrogen is a child, so can we start looking at schools now?

Ellie: Yes. We can start looking now.

They end up choosing the only school in Sunset Valley.

They’ve set aside their differences and decide to celebrate their new understanding for one another. Yes, they are about to ‘water the garden’.

Hydrogen is reading the paper right outside of their bedroom door while this is happening.

Hydrogen: Gah, my childhood is ruined. And they have to use gardening puns. I’m never eating any of the vegetables mom grows again.

But the gardening puns were appropriate, because something got fertilised.

And Zhan apparently found a use for the handcuffs he got at work.

Ellie: Hydrogen! Knock before you come in!

Hydrogen: Don’t worry, there’s no way I can accidentally walk in on you and dad. You guys are loud.

I… uh… don’t know what to say about all of this.

Please enjoy this picture of Helium learning his skills instead!

Zhan also works on his own skills…

Zhan: You don’t want to know what they’re doing on that couch.

Now you know how Hydrogen feels about overhearing you.

This is just a picture to show you that Helium is still cute.

Hydrogen gets over his traumatic garden-related experience because the sprinklers are just too much fun.

Morning sickness soon proved that Ellie’s garden had indeed be fertilized.

Ellie: *wears underwear on the front lawn* Look! I’m pregnant!

I’m all out of gardening entendres.

Hydrogen gets sent off to his first day of school, although if Zhan had his way the kids would have been sent to school while still in the womb.

Helium grows up that day, which means he gets a whole day off from school.

Helium: I’m delaying the beatings I’ll get for as long as I can.

The fairy outfit doesn’t help matters, but it’s so cute!

Helium: Now they’re gonna beat me up worse!

This is why sim kids need to be able to train in martial arts. Self defense against the bullies. He probably won’t get beaten up too bad though, since he rolled the lucky trait. Just like his brother.

Helium: Oh my science, you won’t believe what Vita Alto is doing with that pole.

Also like Hydrogen, Helium’s childhood is ruined very quickly.

Once Hydrogen gets home, the two boys sit down for a battle of the wits.

Helium: Which side goes first again?

This could take a while.

While the boys are outside, Ellie and Zhan take the time to flirt.

You can figure out what Zhan is saying yourself. I feel dirty enough as it is without typing it.

Then the family has a nice game of tag, all four of them, because bonding is awesome and tag makes the relation bars go way way up.

Helium has his first day of school, and he’s pretty nervous about the possibility certainty of being bullied, as any young boy starting school in a pink fairy outfit would be.

Uh… I have no pictures in between so…


Helium: The kids on the bus all made fun of me on the way home.

It’s just you and Hydrogen.

Helium: Exactly.

Next time, Ellie gives birth and Helium gets even more bullied at school.


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