Baby Geniuses

Last time, Hydrogen turned out to be a master of deception… at age two. Ellie and Zhan are expecting their second child, but their relationship is a bit rocky. Zhan wants the kids in private school, but Ellie knows they can’t afford it an also Generations isn’t out yet.

Zhan feels bad about the distance that has grown between him and his wife, so he has a romantic dinner with her… salad and leftover cake… and flirts with her… about planting seed, if you know what I mean. The perfect way into a gardener’s heart.

But before they can start… gardening… Ellie goes into labor.

Ellie: Why does this always happen when I’m exhausted?

There’s no money for a babysitter… at least, I don’t think there was. This was a while ago. Anyway, for one reason or another, Zhan is the one taking care of Hydrogen. Ellie can’t go to the hospital because the game will automatically send Zhan after her.

Meet baby Helium. He’s also a genius and loves the outdoors. That’s about as close as he can get to exactly like Hydrogen without being athletic.

Helium’s color is pink. Technically, the Wikipedia says it looks purple in a high voltage electric field, but it looked more pink to me and Hydrogen was already purple.

I wanted Helium to be a girl. Poor guy is going to get beat up and he’s not athletic enough to defend himself.

The crib doesn’t stop him from being left on the floor though. Poor kid is in for a rough life.

Ellie finally notices him enough to take him to his room. In her defense, she was exhausted and recuperating from giving birth with absolutely no help.

Ellie: Whose my second little genius baby?  Whose going to pass down his little genius genes for the betterment of mankind? You are! You are!

Ellie and Zhan have a room now. I’m proud of it because it looks like it could be an actual bedroom. a bare bedroom, but a bedroom.

First pass out of the legacy deserves a special mention.

Hydrogen takes his first steps.

Hydrogen: Mother, you’ve placed me in the wrong crib.

This is the worst part of having more than one kid in a crib, especially when the cribs and kids are color-coded for convenience.

It’s time for a birthday. That went super fast, but my rule is that I can age a kid up when their parents start wishing for birthday parties. They usually start around the time the pop-up comes saying there are two days left before they age up.

Helium is an adorable toddler, although he looks a bit like Hydrogen. I don’t think his features are exactly the same, but I rolled the dice in CAS because I heard that helps break up the ‘First Born’ syndrome they all turn out to be clones.

Here’s our glitchy newsgirl! She was carrying a teddy bear as she delivered the paper, but it disappeared when she got on the bike.

And here is our repo-woman. My families usually get the ‘no bills ever’ reward so I’m not used to paying them.

Of course, she targets the bathroom. Robbers always end up stealing the toilet, so why wouldn’t the repo-woman be the same?

Like stealing a potty from a baby.

She then stands around for about an hour with this face. I figure she’s going to leave soon and just try to ignore her.

Meanwhile, the boys were having a bit of sibling rivalry.

Helium: Hydrogen, I would like to play with the peg box.

Hydrogen: Nonsense, brother dear. Your intellect is far too weak to handle such an advanced mechanism.

Helium: There’s no need to be rude, I’m just as smart as you are.


Hydrogen: I would like a turn with the xylophone, Helium. Please step aside… I’m sorry, you can’t walk! Please scoot aside and I shall have my turn at the instrument.

Helium: Piss off, Hydrogen.

I almost forgot about the repo-woman, who must hate children since everything she steals belongs to the babies.

Hydrogen: That woman has absconded with my one!


3 thoughts on “Baby Geniuses

  1. I love the kids personalities! They’re both so adorable.

    I’d love to know where you got those letters/numbers too, if it’s not too inconvient 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the kids growing up! 😀

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