Meet Hydrogen

Last time, Ellie got pregnant in totally inappropriate clothing and the family was being overrun by all sorts of green things.

I’m trying to let the Mendeleevs keep the simple pleasures of life despite being legacy sims. So I’m trying to have family dinners, actual food rather than leftover cake, and reading the newspaper. I fail at it, but I’m trying.

Ellie has grown books.

Ellie: Science rules!

Her cooking, however, does not rule. Still, Ellie persists in trying to make a nice breakfast to share with her husband.

Breakfast of champions!

Zhan: Don’t you think it’s kind of dumb, using a knife and fork?

Ellie: Nothing connected to me is ‘dumb’ or even ‘kind of dumb’. I read books.

Zhan: Sorry I asked.

Ellie: Actually, the only thing connected to me that is dumb is our legacy writer.

Ellie’s garden finally bore fruit, and she gets enough produce to fulfill and opportunity she had locked in since she first began her garden.

Ellie brought her harvest to her boss. Susan didn’t seem to mind her maternity clothing too much. Ellie would have harvested some of the flame fruit just outside of Susan’s house, but she was too tired and just went home.

Babies always try to get born in the worst possible times.

Then there’s a load of freaking out that doesn’t do any good…

Zhan: Ha… well, good luck at the hospital, honey.

Ellie: Get in the taxi or I’ll put a strain of the bubonic plague in your breakfast.

Ellie: The nerve of that *grumble* trying to get out of taking me to the hospital.

Most people get people panicking outside when their sims give birth. I get creepy little girls in the middle of the night.

Marty: What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?

Sandi: I want to be a composer!

Sandi: Wait! I shouldn’t be talking with strangers in the middle of the night!

So she runs away.

Meet Hydrogen Mendeleev. He’s a genius and athletic, meaning he’s a nerd but he can beat up whoever tries to shove him in a locker. Hydrogen is an invisible gas, but it has a purple glow in it’s plasma state.

Each child will also have the element’s abbreviation and number somewhere in their room, to be displayed with their portraits later on. If it doesn’t glitch the game, I’ll be attempting to get all of the kids’ portraits.

Ellie and Zhan get down to work on baby Helium, since overlapping maternity leave means less missed work in the long run. Ellie needs all of the time she can get to reach creature-robot crossbreeder at the lab. Next time, we get to see if Ellie and Zhan make cute toddlers (they do).


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