People Watching

Welcome to ‘People Watching,’ the part of the legacy where everyone is at their work so I take advantage of the sims open world to stalk sims.

Random lady and Ellie’s boss (Susan?) are sitting by the fountain.

Susan: Hm, I wonder if I can snag something from that picnic basket?

Susan: Wait! I forgot I’m late for work!

Lady: I’ll bet she was running away because of me! I’m such a loser!

She buries her shame in a book. Just like I do.

I mean… just like my friend does. My friend who isn’t me.

Lady: Who am I kidding? I’m a star!

The dishwasher and random balloons outside make this house look sadder than Ellie’s house. And Ellie is just starting a legacy so that’s saying something.

Twyla shows just how bad the Sunset Valley Police Department really is. Keep in mind that the police building is right across the street from the park.

Ellie: Is it time to pay attention to me now?

Ellie spends about ninety percent of her time gardening because huge gardens actually take up a huge amount of time. Especially when you’ve also got a job to deal with. Luckily, the huge garden means that Ellie gets more skilling per day than she would with a smaller garden.

Ellie is so cute when she gardens, especially when she starts to sing.

I hate sim gardens.

Here’s a picture of Ellie singing in the shower for proof. I don’t know why I took it, because you can’t hear her singing when it’s just a picture.

Ellie: *singing* I’m so sleeeeeepy!
Taking my picture right now is creeeeeepy!

Family dinner… sort of. At least Zhan is at the table. Anything resembling family bonding or socialization in general is a big deal in my game.

Hypothesis: there is a baby on the way.

Ellie’s uniform for her job at the laboratory actually makes her look less like a science geek than her normal wear.

Time for more sim-stalking!

The grocery check-out guy and the mailman are in a heated argument.

Grocer: I give people food they need to survive!

Mailman: Anyone can find food. There are three picnic baskets of free food right now. I let people talk to each other even when they’re far away. I bring them family and love!

Grocer: Dude, we have the Internet now.

Mailman: Whatever. I have bills to deliver.

Grocer: Crud. He was right about the picnic baskets!

Back on the legacy lot, Ellie’s garden is doing well. Unfortunately, the weeds are doing better because Ellie has no time to care for all of her plants in between working and sleeping.

Ellie: Baby!

Now it’s time to get down to garden-skilling, with work out of the way.

This is Ellie’s everyday pregnancy wear. I have to ask CC makers… WHY? Dear GOD, why are some of these things enabled for everyday?

I’m not changing it.

While Ellie gardens in a corset and thong, Zhan is trying to act like an Asian angel so I’ll forgive him for donating some of the money to charity.

Zhan: *fans self* Love me?

Zhan makes up for throwing away hard-earned cash to orphans… psh, what have orphans ever done for us?… by painting a picture, hopefully so he can work on portraits. It’s a picture of… a strawberry. More plants! I’m beginning to hate pixellated plants!

I think this is where we’ll stop. 😀 Next time, will there be less plants? (No.) Will the baby finally come? (Maybe.)


2 thoughts on “People Watching

  1. Just found your legacy. I wasn’t going to comment until the end, but I couldn’t wait after I read:

    I mean… just like my friend does. My friend who isn’t me.

    Best line ever! I’m thinking of stealing it…

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