And The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

I’m just mad at the world right now and can’t be bothered to do anything productive (like schoolwork) so here’s some more stuff. Last time, Ellie (founder) met a guy named Zhan in China, but he wasn’t too thrilled when she tried to hug him.

In the interest of science, I wanted to see if Zhan would accept the ‘woohoo’ option which Twallan’s Woohooer mod adds to just about every conversation. He accepts even though he wouldn’t accept even a hug. Okay.

Shen chose to use the wrong bathroom at the wrong time, so he was stuck until Ellie and Zhan were done.

Ellie gets a cute little stride of pride, as well as a negative moodlet because she didn’t know Zhan all that well: ‘By the builder, who was that?’

Ellie: Can I hug you now?

Zhan: I don’t know you well enough for that kind of intimacy yet!

I wanted to see what would happen if Shen walked into the room.  Apparently, nothing.

However, when Ellie goes to sleep in the bed, Shen sings her a lullaby.

Leaving Ellie to choose her own meal, she chooses hot wings. In China.

That’s like going to France or Greece or something and eating at MacDonald’s.

That was how Ellie spent her vacation, which should be ending in 3… 2… 1…

Why is Ellie not at home?

Ellie: A lag in the game?

Now Ellie begins with the traditional lawn-living segment of her life. This is in the contract for legacy founders, right under the section about the dental plan.

After Ellie gets a job in science, she collects some seeds so she can begin her garden. I plan for her to work on her skills while she’s giving us heirs.

Ellie also feeds a book to the Omni-plant.

Ellie: For science!

Science-based legacies call for experimenting.

Ellie also calls up Zhan. He doesn’t show up for long-distance because guess what? Zhan followed Ellie to Sunset Valley. Ellie attracts stalkers like Japanese schoolgirls in anime attract aliens.

He was on the lot within seconds of calling him. Stalker.

Despite Zhan’s blatant stalker-ness, Ellie still tries to flirt with him.

Ellie: I like you like Pedobear likes…

NO! Bad Ellie! BAD!

Ellie: …honey.

Ellie: You’re finally letting me hug you!

Zhan: Because my girlfriend in China won’t be able to find out.

Ellie: Say what?

Right after Ellie and Zhan… uhm… had some fun together… Zhan immediately got a girlfriend named Adaeze.

Ellie soon convinces Zhan that she is so much better than Adaeze. After all, can Adaeze recite episodes of Star Trek word for word? Can Adaeze pronounce Raxacoricofallapatorian and spell it… backwards? Didn’t think so.

 Ellie: Now marry me?

Zhan: Yes!

They get married a few seconds after being engaged, which is not part of the legacy founder contract but is reccomended. Wedding parties are a bit lame when you have no money and no friends.

Ellie dreams of science and Zhan dreams of lifting weights. There is no way that their complete lack of common interests will ever hurt their marriage. Ever. Or maybe there is. Maybe Ellie will get down to having a baby sometime, too.

Zhan wants to be a police officer so he heads off to the gym. I completely fail to realize that being in shape is not a requirement for being a police officer.

Ellie starts her insanely large garden before heading off to her job at the science facility. This is when I learned that Ellie is a secret virtuoso, because she sings when she gardens. It’s not the Chinese songs, because she doesn’t know them. She also sings in the shower.

Will Ellie ever have a baby? (Answer: Yes, because if she doesn’t she will die a fiery death, as stipulated in the legacy founder contract.) Will Zhan and Ellie overcome their differences and the fact that they know nothing about each other? How long will it take me to get through the 200+ pictures I have of this?


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