Elemental, My Dear Watson

Okay, I have a problem. I’m addicted to legacies. The thing is, I need to prove to myself that I can actually go for more than a few generations using ‘vanilla’ non-colorful sims. At first I was just going to play it in the game and be on my way, but I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures. And I can’t just take pictures and not write about it. That would be a waste of, like, two hundred pictures. I have to write things. It’s what I do.

So I’d been playing around with the idea of naming sims after elements, in the order they appear on the table (periodic, that is). Someone else had the idea and got it online first, but I think that might have stopped after the second chapter… I can’t find it anymore.

 Here is Ellie Mendeleev, originally going to be Ellie Mental, but Mental sounded like a weird last name. Ellie is a genius, handy, and  a green thumb because she’s going to be working on the science career. She’s also eccentric and a bookworm, making her the nerdliest sim I could make using only five traits.

This is her face. I think the weird curly-but-flat-on-top hair looks nice on her.

Welcome to our empty legacy lot… or not. Why not start in China? Ellie heads off to China because she wants to see some of the world before she settles down and starts a family.

Ellie looks so happy as she bikes through China. I bet she can’t wait to meet locals,  try new foods, and explore the scholar’s garden.

Ellie: Oh my god, I can’t understand a word of Chinese! I can’t even read the map! Okay, Ellie, just smile and look like you know what you’re doing.

The keystone glows with mystical, magical energy…

Ellie: Actually, it’s purely scientific. You see, the keystone is coated with a compound which, when reacting with the…

First, don’t take away the magic. Second, don’t go into long scientific explanations of things, because I’m going to get everything wrong if I write scientifical explanations of things. It’s magic.

And Ellie is exploring tombs…

Ellie: For science!

I have no idea what Ellie hopes to find. Tombs are more suited for anthropologists or historians.

Ellie: Anthropology is science. A social science. For science!

Ellie approaches all of the tomb’s puzzles scientifically. Dark hole that may contain any number of dangers?

Stick your hand in it.

Diving into pools of water of undetermined depth is also a good exercise. What a sad way to end a legacy. Founder breaks her neck and drowns in six inches of water. She didn’t die, of course, but you think sims in ancient, dangerous tombs would show a bit more caution.

Ellie: Holy –! I just discovered a new species of piranha!

And whose fault is that?

Ellie: I got all dripping wet, and everyone’s going to think Mendeleev Piranhas were named after that other Mendeleev guy. The one with the periodic table.

Technically, Ellie was named after Dmitri Mendeleev. Since the piranhas name comes from Ellie and Ellie’s name comes from Dmitri, by the transitive property the piranhas were named after Dmitri Mendeleev. Ellie’s not the only one who can babble on about science.

Ellie: The transitive property is math.

Sparkles, Ellie. MAGIC.


Ellie: Okay, so that tomb was garbage and a complete waste of my time. I didn’t find any interesting chemicals. And I’m pretty sure it’s not a tomb if no one’s buried there.

Ellie is pretty upset at the outcome of her exploration, although she’s pretty good at hiding her emotions. But it’s kind of bratty to complain about not finding anything when you find a new species of piranha.

Ellie: They were just regular piranhas. I thought they were different because I couldn’t think straight with all of the blood loss.

Ellie gets a suitable reward… Chinese food! You can get it all over in America but… Chinese food in China! So much better than in America! And chopsticks!

The next day, Ellie gets down to business: the real reason she’s in China. To get a man. The guys in Sunset Valley are okay and all, but they’ve been used in a bunch of legacies already. Also they don’t use chopsticks.

Ellie: Are you single? I don’t want to flirt with you and find out you’re married or something.


Ellie’s only social interactions, as far as I can tell, have been in a lab or online. So before she went to China she did some research to discover what people thought of as ‘romantic’. She read the most popular romance-type book she could find.

Ellie: Um… the lion fell in love with the lamb?

That only works if you’re trying to win the love of a preteen girl. Which Ellie is not.

Then Ellie begins to talk about weddings, even though she just met Zhan about an hour ago. I give up on her.

Ellie: Um, wanna get drunk? Isn’t that what people do for fun? I don’t want to kill any genius brain cells, so I’ll just watch. Maybe I’ll have a diet Dr. Pepper.

Time for Ellie to take a break.

Ellie gets a call sending her to the Dragon Cave, so why not? I make a point of always earning more money over vacations than the cost of the vacation, so Ellie is off to earn some money by… getting a vision? How do they even tell if you actually went into the Dragon Cave? You could make something up.

Ellie: But I’m tiiiiired…

There’s a bench inside you can nap on.

Ellie has her vision…

Ellie: Which can be explained scientifically.

…and takes a nap.

Then she runs away from a stalker!

Mr. Blue Hat Guy came all the way out to the Dragon Cave in the middle of nowhere. Alright, he’s an explorer. It’s his job. But instead of going inside, he turns around as soon as Ellie leaves and runs after her. Stalker.

This is just to show off Ellie’s lovely nightshirt thing. The pattern is from Garden of Shadows.

Another day, another chance to impress a guy.

Ellie: You look so good, someone should paint a picture of you.

Zhan’s brother… Shen?… Is not impressed.

Ellie tries to go in for a hug, but Zhan doesn’t want to hug her. Shen makes a funny face.

This is where I will end this chapter, even though I have about 200 pictures to go. Next, will Ellie win Zhan’s heart and the approval of his brother? Will we have a little baby Hydrogen running around? Will I be able to finish this legacy, or at least get through a few generations?


7 thoughts on “Elemental, My Dear Watson

  1. Just started reading but I love this so far! I love how you started it out in China, not something I’ve seen before, it makes a nice change 🙂

    I love Ellie, she’s so adorable. I hope that she can get Zhan to like her, I can’t wait to see baby Hydrogen.

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